Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Burritos....So Good!

 If there is one thing we love in the Nesbit's house it's breakfast!!! Pancakes, doughnuts, COFFEE, sticky buns (don't worry this recipe will be shared later this week), omelets, and breakfast burritos. There is nothing like a lazy Saturday morning and eating breakfast with my boys! So here is a very easy way to spice up those eggs:) If you are prone to heartburn..break out the tums because this is so worth it.

 One thing we like to serve with our breakfast burritos is a side of Spanish Rice...the homemade kind;) So cook your rice as directed, add a can of Rotel (chopped tomatoes with chilies). Then comes a little secret..shhhh don't tell!

This little packet will give your taste buds a punch in the face, really you will be blown away. Sorry the picture is kind of blurry, but this little prize packet is called Sazon can be found near the authentic Mexican food in your store! It will change you!!!

 Ok back to our start by adding some butter to the pan..hmm about 2- 3 tbs...I know I love butter;) Then add in your chopped onions, green pepper, and red pepper. Cook until onions are the way it will smell heavenly, so much that if you really listen you may hear angels singing... any way add your chorizo...I use a whole package and let cook for a few minutes. Then add your eggs 8-10 and cook em up!!!

Ta Da....serve your chorizo and eggs on warm tortillas with some cheese and sour cream if you like...we paired it with some re fried beans and our Spanish rice:)

Soooo good, excuse me while I go and wipe the drool off my face;)


  1. Whoa, these sound absolutely amazing!! Will have to try ASAP.