Monday, September 13, 2010

Confessions: What happened to that...Oh yeah Kids!

Early this morning I was cleaning out some closets when I came across a box of old pictures from High know the kind...the ones where you are 20 lbs lighter and in a bikini (hence the reason they are hidden in a box in the closet).

So I started looking at them and remembering the days when I would consider my stomach my best feature..Now it wasn't all six packed out but it was nice and flat and my belly button was, well as cute as a button.

I must admit this probably wasn't the best time to be looking at these pictures because when I looked down I realized that I still had my sweatpants on. On one of my legs there was a spot where I wiped off some formula and on my other leg was some left over breakfast in the shape of Miles hand. So yes you can guess I started feeling sorry for myself, pining over my long lost stomach.

But then I got up and decided, no big deal I would just have to come up with another best the search began. First I started with my hands..they looked okay, despite the chipped nail polish (my friend Jill would be so disappointed). Then I skipped over the rest of my body and looked at my feet. Yep they were kinda of cute...but I still couldn't get over that mental picture of what my stomach was like before I had my sweet babies.

Then it hit me like a ton of know what my stomach can still be my best feature because before it was all flat and boring...but NOW it tells a story on how each of my precious boys made their way into this world and into my arms.

C-section scar number one and a majority of my stretch marks are the makings of this little bugger we named Keegan.

I love the look on my husbands face each time he got to hold each one of his sons for the first time...priceless.

Then as I scan my stomach, I come across the largest of my C-section scars...and smile because even though it was one of the most terrifying experiences and the most painful was all worth it because Miles came out fighting:)

Poor little bugger, he spent a week in the NICU...but like then he is still a little spit fire:)

Then my third and last C-section scar...brings a tear to my eye..because out of it came my last baby Lennon..sweet sweet Lennon.

He is such a joy!

So even though my stomach isn't quite like it use to be (okay it has totally taken a whole new shape and face)...I still wouldn't change it for the World because it stretched beyond limits and housed three precious lives for nine months...It is a daily reminder of the blessings I like to call the "Wolf Pack"


  1. LOVE that picture of Lennon. Too funny! Your boys are so adorable. Miss the days of small group and you guys comin over.

  2. Leave it to you Heather, what a great perspective and such truth! Miss all of you but this made me feel a little like I'm still around...

  3. Right there with you sister...but I will admit that I am way worse then you.
    I have no stomach or legs or arms or wow body anymore.
    My daughter tried my wedding dress on and its too tight for her and says " wow mom how could you have been skinner then me" Yah that was all before kids.
    But I love who I am today..... and like you happy for the memories along the way.
    By the way your blog has become my morning routine. =)

  4. I'm left speechless on this post Heather. That is an amazing way to look at yourself and at your life. That touched my heart and brought a tear to me eye. Amazing and beautifully wrote!!!

  5. Thanks ladies...I am glad you enjoyed this one;)

  6. Heather, this brought tears to my eyes, and it is all so very true ( although you are way cuter and have a way cute body no matter what you tell yourself :)) It reminds me of my friend's facebook post the other day..let me share it with you.

    I have carried a child within my body, I have comforted a baby on my chest, I have kissed boo boos, been puked pooped and peed on, woke up in the middle of the night to a feverish child & more but I wouldn't have it any other way! My body isn't perfect but when I look in the mirror i see a Mom and there is NO GREATER honor or BLESSING!