Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot apple cider...with a little surprise.

I have expressed over and much I LOVE fall and one of the reasons, is this little drink called Apple Cider:) I don't know what about it I love so much, it just makes me feel like I should go running through an apple orchard while the crisp air hits my face:)

Okay okay that may be a little dramatic, but really there is no
thing like a mug of hot apple cider to make this girl smile, especially if it is paired with a pumpkin spiced doughnut or two....or three;)

Getting some fresh apple cider from an orchard is kind of out of the question for me, since I live in the middle of nowhere (pretty sure that is the name of a Hanson album). So I had to buy a gallon from the store and add my own touch to it!

So here it is...a drink worthy of kings and queens...and stay at home mom's too. So you can start by heating up your apple cider in the microwave or if you are making it for the whole fam...well just pour it in a saucepan and heat it over the stove.'s like liquid gold and taste so good...pour in your caramel;)

Then sprinkle some cinnamon on top!!!

Stir it all together...the wonderful aroma will knock you off your feet.

I give it a thumbs the way ignore how weird my hand looks the best part of this drink is when you get to the last few sips, you will get a caramel mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I hope you enjoy this hot cup of goodness!


  1. I made this for Will today since it was cold weather. He said It was like a slice of apple pie in a cup. He loved it!! I don't like cider, but even I liked it. Great job, this will be a winter time staple in our house.

  2. I am glad that you liked it:) We love this drink, it is a nice way to warm up without having to start a whole pot of coffee;)