Wednesday, September 08, 2010

John you dirty dog you!!!!!

pic of Gma's dog Zeke

So tonight John (my husband) got home from work and like usual it was hectic around here trying to get the "wolf pack" settled down and ready for dinner.

I had just gotten everyone their plates and was working on my own when he asked me if I could go outside and get his phone out of his truck. What? I was thinking my goodness I am just getting ready to sit down and eat, if your like me I am usually the last one to sit down to finally eat my dinner after getting drinks and what not.

To be honest I really wasn't thrilled to go out and get his phone. But with heavy feet I sulked out to his truck. The whole time I was thinking how lazy can a person be, and don't I deserve to sit down and enjoy a hot meal too.

Well people, like most times I had to eat my words because in his truck was a surprise for ME!

So can anyone guess what the surprise was?????

Take your best guess, because tomorrow I will post what caused me to eat my words.

Clue: It can make you sing!


  1. Is it an I-Pod? That would be waaayyyy cool if you don't have one :)

    That would be me....cousin Lisa. Do I win????

    ps LOVE the blog you goofy girl!!