Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Wolf Pack

Well earlier today I wrote on here that I would indeed introduce you to the wolf pack three little boys.

Up first or should I say the oldest is KEEGAN....he just turned 5 and is full of wonder and questions. I LOVE IT!He is totally into space and rockets and of all things the weather. Almost everyday he has me check the weather to see what we should expect for the day. He is funny but tender hearted, he hates to see people sad or upset, especially his brothers. I love this boy so much!

Next is my middle boy Miles aka "Wild Miles" he will be 2 in October and he is a spit fire. He loves doing everything his brother Keegan does...this includes sitting at the dinner table with no booster or high chair. Miles has the funniest faces and even at such a young age a personality like no other. Miles also has a will so strong...that he loves to challenge me everyday. Even though there are days he makes me want to pull my hair out...he challenges me to be a better mom and in the future he will go far in life.

Last but not least is my sweet sweet baby boy Lennon. This little chubber of joy is almost 6 months and is bursting at the seams. He reminds me of a little buddha the way he sits there and smiles. One things about Lennon is he smiles with his eyes and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He is always watching and oberserving his big brothers and I know he can't wait for the day he can join in on all their fun.

So there it is "the wolf pack"

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