Thursday, October 07, 2010

Snacks are a road trip must!!!!

As many of you may know my husband's job ended in the great state of Wyoming and we moved on to the next job in Minot, ND!!!! I know I know everyone has already told us how cold it gets there in the winter, how if you pee outside it will freeze in mid stream.....well sorry to burst your bubble but there will be no peeing outside from me!!!! Am I prepared for the cold...NO...but are you ever prepared for below freezing temps?

Anyway I am not prepared for the cold, but one thing I am always prepared for is long car trips with my buddies. There are a few essentials that are needed when traveling....a good stock of movies (thank the lord for the DVD player installed in my car), books, small toys, and most important SNACKS!!!!! To prove my point, here is a picture of subject #1 before snacks.

 Subject #1 is very upset and irritable....however after a handful of crackers and a little sip of bug juice....
we have a very satisfied customer...who most likely will choose to travel again with Nesbit Air:)

 Awe what a happy boy:) Which in his favor turned out good because if he was still upset and throwing a fit, he probably would have missed seeing these giant windmills scattered all along the North Dakota terrain.

 I have never been to North Dakota but I most say it is really pretty! Also to make things better there are TREES!!! Something that Gillette, Wyoming was lacking :) So after 7 hours we finally made it to our destination Minot.

So hold on to your seats because the Nesbit's journey continues...Why not Minot?


  1. Wait just a 'minot', have you got a 'minot", sorry i couldn't resist. Love the pics of your lil guy havin a fit.

  2. Thanks...enjoy your time in California:)