Friday, October 22, 2010

Something You Should Know....

Before I let this go any farther I think there is something all you should know about me....I am almost embarrassed to say it because you may just exit my blog and never return when you learn the truth.

Besides being a little bit of an odd ball.....

Ok here it is...I am a food blogger but unlike many of you may think I do not have a fully stocked kitchen! Wait what, I know just cover your ears. Here is the thing, when I first started really getting into baking and cooking I steered clear away from recipes that called for things like dutch ovens, food processor, and mixer with a hook. Then one day I threw up my hands and said this is crazy...I am going to cook something I want to cook or bake regardless the equipment I do or don't have.

So with that off my chest....I know, how can I really cook or bake without these things, but I do it everyday:) Now I may be up to my armpits kneading dough when it would be much easier to put it in a mixer with a hook, but at least I can say my arms are getting a great workout (as long as my pits don't sweat on the dough it's all good).

I really just wanted to encourage all of you out there, who like me, don't have a kitchen off of the food network. Yes it takes more time to get things together, but with some determination and hard work anything can be done. 

Now don't get me wrong I would love to have a nice food processor, Kitchen Aid standing mixer, and a Le Creuset Dutch oven ( oh all the wonderful colors they come in), hint hint husband, but I will just have to settle for what I have right now. 

So don't be discouraged by recipes anymore....get out there and tackle them (feels like I should end with GO TEAM so I will)


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  1. You need the KA mixer. For years I did without (and still use my hands to knead dough for the most part I guess) but the KA mixer rocks. When making chocolate creme that has to be beat on high for 10 minutes, it rocks LOL.