Monday, October 25, 2010

Who you going to call...Chinese Delivery Man!!!!

Sometimes we have a day, that takes everything out of us and come dinner time we are lying curled up in a ball wishing dinner would just appear. Well if you have a phone and a food service that delivers, than you are in luck.....

 In my case it was Chinese...and No this was not all for me, I shared some of it:)

 A little Crab Rangoon to start.....

 Then add some General Tso's Chicken.....

 Mixed in with an egg roll or two....

 Paired with a side of fried rice.....

Finishing the meal off with a cookie filled with wisdom!

So needless to say I have had one of those is the proof!


  1. Heather,

    I have been enjoying your blog *so* much! Your personality just comes through in every post! Your recipes look wonderful, your writing is funny and touching and poignant, and I am so glad that you started this blog - I am loving reading it.

    I can't comment much these days because I'm usually nursing Whit in one arm and have my phone in the other - reading and catching up then. But, I'm reading, and I LOVE getting to share in your life this way! Keep it up, girl. You're doing a fantastic job!

  2. Awe Thanks Sarah...this means so much to me!!! I am still a little unsure of what I am doing...but slowly I am working out the kinks:)

    Great Job on Sarah 365....I love seeing your photos.