Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wild Miles turns 2!!!!

Today is a very special day....two years ago I gave birth to our second son Miles!!! There are a million trillion things I could say about Miles, but instead I decided to give you just a glimpse of what Miles has been up the last two years.

To start any good story, you must start at the here I am big and pregnant with Mr. Miles:) Then at 37 weeks my water broke and into to the World came Miles Patrick Nesbit weighing in at 7lbs 5oz and 19 in. long. I would love to say that it was an easy labor and my little bugger was happy and healthy but for my sweet little boy this was not the case;(

When we got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors, Miles heartbeat was in the low 70's. So after a very fast emergency c-section Miles entered the world fighting. He had to spend a week in the NICU because of his heartbeat, which stayed in the 70's for three days before returning back to normal, a low blood sugar and low O2 stats. I remember how scared I was to leave him at the hospital, it was the worse feeling in the world. But the Nurse reassured me that he was going to be just fine and to be ready because we had a spit fire on our hands:)

The Nurse was right, since the day we brought Miles home, he has had us laughing, giggling and all smiles. 

Hence how he got the name "Smiles"....

or in some cases "Wild Miles", especially when he is dressed up as a Super Lion:)

Whether he is playing, eating, or just getting plain ole dirty

Miles does everything with a 100% effort....see the concentration..he's got his eye on the prize.

One thing I love about my sweet boy is that he moves to the beat of his own drum, always doing things his own swinging with his arms tucked in, I am sure he had his reasons.

Miles is always full of facial this one is the "mom why do you make me wear things like this". I love his little face:)

So when Miles is not out fighting crime or getting into other things.....

He is usually giving you a cheesy grin!

Happy Birthday my little bugger....we love you more than chocolate pie:)


  1. Happy Birthday Miles!! Heather I absolutely LOVE you blog!! You are awesome at it! You have such a great way of telling stories of your boys. I love to hear them. They are all adorable and getting soo big!!

  2. Happy Birthday Miles!!! By the way, love the first photo :)

  3. I hated leaving Isaac at the hospital and that was just for one night. It was so hard to trust people you do not know to watch your little man. But it is great what they can do for the babies now. Happy birthday to Miles!!

  4. Happy Birthday to my sweet chubby bugger #2. He is a pure joy in my life and always can make a long day turn into just a simple moment of happiness when he reaches up and gives you that "Smile".... lot of love and sweet blessings from MEMA

  5. Soooo awesome! My favorite blog post of yours so far. I still giggle every time I see the "concentration" pic! Man, I love that boy- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILES! Love, Aunt Kristin