Saturday, October 30, 2010

With a Face Like That

Here's a look at the scene this morning at the Nesbit house.....naughty, naughty boy!

 While I was changing Lennon this morning I heard a growl that came from the bathroom. I thought this might be a picture taking moment and grabbed my camera before going in......this is the face that greeted me! 

 Followed by a "Oh man she caught me again" look. Then I asked what he had all over his face? This is the response I got.

"She catches me every time, this lady is on top of her game". Maybe next time I will remember to put my mascara away after using it....or he will remember to growl a little softer in a very small chance that he won't get caught....

Just another day in Paradise:)


  1. Hey, that top face looks like one someone made when the tire people made her mad :P

  2. LOL.....I was scared it was going to be poop...LOL