Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things........Giveaway!!!!!

Every time I think about that song I picture my self sitting on a bed next to Julie Andrews during a thunderstorm....If you haven't seen the Sound of Music you haven't lived. Anyway with the Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would share a few more gift ideas with ya.

This lovely gift is from J. R. Watkins....if you haven't tried their products, they are wonderful!!! So here is a manicure set:) They sell everything from beauty products to cleaning supplies.....

 These three dolls are from Bath and Body Works....I love how they give a nice shine and a tint of color, plus the best part is the cool sensation they leave on your lips.

For the most part of my recent nail polish fetish I have been partial to O. P. I, but this nail polish is bringing some competition to the table. The name is Essie if you can't see it and the color is Sassy Satchel, Fabulous!!!!!

So since I Love you all soooooo much and it is the season for giving I want to give all three of these away in a package deal!!!!!

All you have to do is give me one of your most favorite Holiday memories!!!

I will go first....one of my favorite Holiday memories is going with my G'ma, Aunt Judy and the other ladies of the family to see the Nutcracker:)

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Just make sure you tell me in the comment section what you did and include your name. You have until this Friday Midnight Pacific Time!



  1. My favorite holiday memory is going to my Aunt & Uncles house every year on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. My whole family goes and we eat a wonderful meal, take pictures, sing, open lots of presents and have a crumpled up wrapping paper fight. My dad dresses in a Santa suit so the little ones can get one last gift wish into him before Christmas morning. I am sure we will continue this tradition for generations to come. By the way Heather, I shared on Facebook & tweeted your blog!

  2. My favorite holiday memory was also a disastrous Thanksgiving! Everything went wrong, the Turkey (cooked on the grill) ended up not being done and had to be thrown in the oven (once everything else came out), we had frozen hash browns, which my Grandma bought for some reason, for potatoes (which we mashed into mashed potatoes), someone in the family got a little tipsy and caused a huge scene in the middle of it all. But honestly I've never laughed so hard with my family in my entire life, we made the best of all of it and still talk about that Thanksgiving!

  3. One of my favorite Christmas's was when Christmas came early at my house. My Dad worked at a hospital, and worked different shifts and holidays. One year he worked both Christmas and Christmas eve, and so that he did not miss Christmas "santa" came early. We always went out looking at christmas lights and this year we went out the night before Christmas eve. While we were gone santa's elfs helped out and brought all of our presents early. (My Grandparents lived next door and saw the whole thing). When we got home we saw all the presents early and we begged to open just one. Mom said "just one" and then we wanted to open just one more. In the end we opened up all the presents. It was so much fun to open them early.

  4. Oh I have so many good memories of the holidays. But I have to say the one that sticks out the most, is when Lucas was 2 "Santa" brought him a toy kitchen. It was wrapped, stood taller than him, and when we unwrapped the gift together, his face was priceless. You could just see the joy beaming through his eyes, he jumped up and down numerous times saying "a u" over and over. "a u" meaning thanking you. Lucas at that time did not talk much. So for us as parents to see his excitement but also use a formal of language and try to communicate, was one of the best gifts we have ever gotten.
    I also shared your blog on Facebook, sorry not on tweeter though.... I don't have an account with them :)

  5. My favorite memory is the year the conditions were just right, so Dave & I went outside and made perfect santa's sleigh tracks complete with Reindeer footprints and Santa boot prints walking up to the door.... no other prints were visable... We spent a long time on it and when the kids got up..... they're reactions were priceless....

  6. Every year, for the past 10 years, I have been voulenteering at Church for the “Angel Tree” give away to less fortunate families in my home town. I get such a warm heart when they come in and thank you up and down for all the gifts, food and fellowship our Church and Community has provides for them to have a blessed Christmas. Its amazing how thankful they are. I don’t have one memory, but 10 years of memories, and looking forward for 10 more years to come.

  7. A favorite memory of mine was the year our Christmas tree fell over 3 times. We spent hours picking out the right tree for our typical Jenison Michigan ranch home. It was the perfect tree! 1st problem was that the tree was so full it would not fit into the stand. So with a little cutting we managed to squeeze it into the tiny tree stand. That lasted until about 1am and we were woke up with a loud crash. Ohh what a mess. We struggled with the tree and managed to get it back into the stand and early in the morning found it had fallen over again. Well it lasted another day and fell over while I was playing with our son in the livingroom. At that point we decided that tree must be too big and bought a new stand that we still use to this day. And no we have not had any tree tumbles since!

  8. I think the best Christmas memory I have was Tay's 2nd Christmas, so she was 16 months old, we had just found out that Jaclyn was on her way. That started a tradition of going to my best friend's house and Taylor and her friend Eric (my best friend's first son who is 3 1/2 mos older than Tay) eating dinner and opening presents together. I remember Tay got an ornament and really cool pink Vans and a ride on toy. I miss the days when they were that little and Christmas was so much fun!!

  9. This is awesome, Heather. What a fun and creative giveaway!! Love it!

    Ooooh, favorite memory. SO hard to choose just one. Every year, when we came down the stairs on Christmas morning, there were oodles of presents for each of us. My parents were very poor - my Dad was in law school and there were 9 of us kids and my mom didn't work. We KNEW that Santa was real because there was no way my parents could have afforded the gifts all over the place. When I grew up, I realized that my Mom had sacrificed all year long - putting money aside to make Christmas really magical and special for us. I cherish that sacrifice - those memories with my siblings of just disbelief that those toys were ours.

    *Now I'm crying. BOO HOO!

  10. Ok, Heather, I am entering this time! I missed the last one, so here goes...

    I absolutely love keeping tradition even now and waking up at 5 am with my sister and going to the tree...with all of the lights off and just the lit tree, waiting for Mom and Dad to wake up and thinking about the relaxing day ahead! Opening presents, eating a big breakfast, it's just so awesome.

  11. The best Christmas memory I have is back in 2004, I went w/ my then boyfriend (now husband) and daughter back to his hometown of PA for the holidays. It was the coldest winter they had had in yrs but that didn't stop us. We made sure we had sent all Christmas packages ahead of time to his parents house for the kiddo. The days were spent checking out all of the museums, a family dinner in China town & one family dinner in his sisters home. Christmas morning came & our daughter was just so shocked that Santa had found her all the way in PA. She was so excited! On Christmas Eve there was a snow storm coming through & we got a picture of my husband holding my daughter on his sisters back porch in her spongebob PJ's and spongebob slippers catching her first snow flurries on her tongue. Christmas day was spent playing board games with the whole family, laughing, and joking. I can't remember a better or happier Christmas since!