Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rub-A-Dub Dub Three Boys In A Tub

Did you know that I love my boys!!!!

 I think bath time is one of there favorite things to do.....and we are finally at a stage where all three boys can take one together:) Lennon is loving it....Miles not so much, he feels like he is being crowded.

 Keegan is such a wonderful big he is teaching Lennon the proper way to make a bubble hat.

 Looking good sweet boy.

 Watch out Keegan is breaking out the Santa beard....silly boys.

 Fixing Lennon's bubble hat.

 Priceless look......

 Don't forget Miles....he loves his big brother too!

Until he gets splashed in the face....oh well they lasted a good 2 minutes before water starting flying. It will be a sad day when the boys are too big to take baths together, until then we will enjoy our bath time and deep down I really do enjoy getting splashed with water by my boys (but don't tell them that).

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. Love that last picture of Miles. What a great shot... to bad for him to get the soap in his face though. :)

  2. mmmmmmmm I think the oldest could take it in his tight little bum while the other 2 watch, love tyte little boys sex