Friday, November 12, 2010

You've Got Mail....

Today was an interesting day on many levels.....but I have to say one of the strangest things that happened to me today was at the mail box.

When ever I get the mail...I always think of the Movie "You've Got Mail"....also one of my mother's favorite movies (I think she has watched it over 100 times). You know the part when they check their e mail and the voice pops up "You've Got Mail". Well I always think about this voice any time I open the box and find my self a Letter:)
But anyway this has nothing to do with the sorry for the sidetrack.

Anyway, like I said I was checking my mail with my three little buddies when an old couple entered the building. First entered an old lady with white hair and stockings up to her knees...she was very sweet. She said hello and asked about my three little ones, then proceeded to check her mail box.

Next entered an older man with a tweed jacket and a cane, he was also was very cute as he shuffled towards the mail box. So I was taken by surprise by the conversation that followed.

Old man to old women, "Well hello there darling, I don't think I have seen you around here before, may I ask you what your name is?"

Old women, " My name is Catherine and I just moved here from a small town in Georgia"

Old man, "Catherine is it? Well I always wanted to marry someone by the name of Catherine"

Old women, "Well is that so. I don't have a problem with that idea, but you may have to run it by my daddy first." ( Mind you this old lady was blushing and trying to be very bashful).

My first thought was .....I can't believe this old man is trying to pick up this lady at the mail box.
My second thought was....I can't believe this old lady just told him to ask her daddy for permission to marry her.

Well they must have seen the confusion on my face because they both turned towards me and winked. I am really confused.

Then the next statement made it clear.

Old man, " Well my lady are you ready to go home, my legs are tired from walking and I wouldn't mind a little nap before dinner."

Old lady, "Yep, I'm I need to check on the pot roast to make sure it won't be dry"

Wow....after who knows how many years of being married, they still can pretend like they are meeting for the first time.

I just hope that my husband and I can have that kind of love when we are old and gray:)


  1. That is one of the sweetest stories I've heard in a long time. I'm not sure I'm that loveable, but you probably are Heather. :)

  2. That is just the sweetest thing I've heard Heather. I hope me and Billy will do the same. Makes you step back and quit taking the littlest things for granted!

  3. I love it, how awesome it that to have an marriage like that :) I pray that all marriages can be like that when we're all old. Thanks Heather for sharing that.

  4. AHhhh Heather, I loved this story. I love their generation of sweet, loving people.