Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hey Where Did You Get That Hat??????

Isn't that the sweetest face you have ever seen? Awe my sweet Lennon Boy....but that is not the reason why we are here, the reason is the hat. This hat has been getting a ton of attention...every where we go I have people asking me "Where did you get such a cute hat"?  

 Another shot of Lennon in his hat with Santa....even Santa wanted to know where we got his hat because Ms. Claus would be interested....

Lennon driving Miss Daisy around with his Rudolph Hat:)

So to Answer every one's question...I have a friend who makes these hats! She makes owls, puppies, snowmen, turtles and they are all so CUTE!!!! So if you have a little one that needs a gift for Christmas or just want to buy one for the sake of having a cute hat you can buy them on my friend Mackenzie's Etsy Shop

* By the way if you have never been to may need to set aside a few hours because you will need it to look through all the Awesome stuff on there:)

Happy December!

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