Saturday, January 29, 2011

Glorious Wonderous Puff

There comes a time in a little bugger's life when they finally reach the age to be introduced to the "puff" and this is a wonderful day for the parents as well. Something magical happens when "puffs" are starts fussing while grocery shopping, give them some puffs. When your out to eat and your little bambino starts wiggling around in their high chair, pull out the puffs. You see there are endless possibilities when the the "puff" is involved.

 Look at my little bugger....just enjoying a mid-morning snack of puffs


 What a treat.

 Looking at a little reading material as he enjoys his snack.

 He loves when we put them in little plastic cups


 Assessing the puff.

 Getting ready to attack the puff.

 Looking for more puffs.

 Hi baby boy!

 Dropping puffs....this is also a very fun game.

 Happy as can be!

So today my life has become a little easier in a wild and crazy house full of boys.....Thanks again puff:)

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  1. Elliot is addicted to Puffs as well. I LOVE it! They really do make a mom's life much easier. :)