Friday, January 21, 2011

I can't get away from it!!!!!

Hello to all my long lost blogging friends, you have been greatly missed!!!! It's been over a month since I have posted anything....what a way to start off the new year, right? But the truth is I have been very very busy and due to a broken computer it has been almost impossible to sit down and find time to blog. However, I am so excited to get back at's like catching up with an old friend that you haven't seen in awhile!

So you may be wondering what the heck I have been up too.....well I wish I could say that I have been exploring the world, deep sea fishing, sky diving but that would just be a big fat lie. I really haven't been up to much, just busy catching up and visiting with family, oh and I forgot to mention that we also made a cross country move once again ( just a small little detail). Yes, it's true we no longer reside in Minot, ND (thank heavens for that) we now hang our hat near my husband's parents in Tunica, MS. Also when I say near, I really mean right next door. Good thing I am quite fond of my in-laws otherwise we may have a reoccurring episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on our hands.

Let's see what else can I tell you.......hmmmm. Oh right, my husband and I also had a chance to go to the Sugar Bowl to see the Razorbacks play. Crazy Razorback fans and New Orleans make for an interesting experience....don't worry I will share the details with you another day.

But the most wild thing that has happened here (other than having my niece and nephews here, making 8 kids under the age of 5) is all the snow!!!!! I thought for sure that when we moved out of ND that we were leaving all that nasty cold wet stuff behind. Well I was wrong, it just keeps following me where ever I go!!!!

I may not care for it but the boys couldn't wait to get outside and throw it around!

Awe Miles he looks so sweet, that's until he decides to throw snow at your face.....not so sweet!

 Look at that smile;) The nice thing about it snowing here, is that we can actually get out and play in it, while in ND it was way way way too cold to run around in the snow!

Here is Miles attempting to make a snow angel.....

Keegan really working hard to make his snow angel....kick those legs....lift those arms:)

Then the fun really started when daddy brought out the penguin sled.


Hold on little doggies!!!!!

So there it is....I moved down South and I am still getting bombarded with Snow!!!!


  1. Yay Heather! So excited your back to blogging :) I have missed hearing about how you guys are doing!!! Glad to hear your computer is back and working :)

  2. Tanya Farratell-ReeJanuary 21, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    WOW HEATHER!!! Welcome back! I too, have missed your blog! Hope your finally settled in, (or close to) and happy! xxxx