Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Wasn't Suppose to Happen!!!!

There were a few things my husband assured me would happen when we moved to the South, one of them being that it WOULD NOT Snow. That we could put the White stuff behind us when we left North Dakota. So please Hunny can you explain this......

This was not just little flurries...NO this was a dump of snow!!!!

We ended up with close to 8 inches outside of our house.....YUCK!!!!!  To think that I just put away all my winter gear, typical me!

However I must admit that the little town of Tunica did look awful pretty covered in snow.

Did I mention that when this happens, everything shuts down....even the Piggly Wiggly!!!!

Not one car seen on the streets.....

But don't worry this morning I woke up to the most amazing sound of snow melting.......the sun is out and temps are suppose to be on the rise:)

So in celebration I think I will make some chocolate chip cookies!!!

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  1. Cool post. I enjoyed reading it and the pictures are cool too.