Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Typical Tuesday Morning

 I love lazy mornings with my boys, there is nothing better than enjoying my cup of coffee while I snuggle with them. By the way I should tell you up front that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, it isn't that I am mean or really cranky, I just take forever to get going. So I am glad that I have little buddies that understand.

I love that Miles and Lennon are starting to play with each other....really adds to the dynamic of things:)

Such a HAPPY boy in the morning....of course after he has been changed, feed and loved on for a bit.

So Sweet...by the way Lennon could you PLEASE stop growing....I would like you to stay my wee itty bitty for a little while longer.

Then there is Miles....need I say more.

What a Cheezer....he makes my life very interesting!!!

This is him pretending to be a lap dog....not sure why?

Enjoying some morning Cartoons...I think it may be Caillou ( Why Oh Why most they like this show).

Question....Why are we watching Caillou?

 Got Milk....Morning play time makes him Thirsty!!!

A little reading material anyone....Look at the Concentration!!!!

Most have come across something good:) By the way I have THREE boys...but one sadly enough misses out on morning fun time because he has to go to school. We miss you Keegan and Momma will have a snack ready for you when you get home this afternoon!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. How cute Heather, Love it :) The boys are getting so big!!