Saturday, March 26, 2011

At the Ole Ball Game!!!!

If there is anything that my boys will learn growing up, it's this, to be the biggest Arkansas Razorback fans Ever. My husband is doing everything in his power to mold and shape these boys to be Hog Fans. One of the first things he teaches them when they start learning how to talk is how to call the Hogs. Does anyone out there know the proper way to call the Hogs? Well I will give you a quick lesson in the proper Hog calling ways. It goes something like this....Woooooooo (while raising both arms and expressing spirit hands) PIG SOOIE.....Wooooooooo(again with the arm spirit hands thing) PIG SOOIE(fist pump is a must after each Pig Sooie)......Wooooooooo(one more time for good measure) PIG SOOIE......(than on the third Pig Sooie you end with this) ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS (with a final fist pump here).

Now you can officially call the Hogs....and if your like me and have a husband that is crazy about the Razorbacks, than you will hear this in your sleep. Believe me I have been known to wake myself up while fist pumping and shouting out PIG SOOIE.

So you can only imagine the excitement around here when we found out that the Hogs Baseball Team were coming to play in Memphis!!! To add to the excitement this was the FIRST baseball game that we were going to take Keegan to.

Nothing like feeling the buzz of excitement as Fans enter the Park.

Keegan was in awe....he slowly walked down the stairs to take his seat behind Home Plate. He even asked me earlier that day if Babe Ruth was going to be there.

I don't think I've ever felt more American than standing with my hand over my heart and singing while a pipe organ blasts out the Star Spangled Banner. It's a moment that I want to bask in, standing next to my boy and looking out over the baseball field to an American Flag rippling in the wind. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Look at my boy with that sparkle of amazement in his eyes....Priceless!!!!

Then he spotted something in the distances, I know this look, the look of I really want THAT! He proceeded to lean towards me and whisper, "Momma, can I get some Peanuts like they eat in that song. You know Momma that Take me to the Ball Game Song." Have I told you how much I LOVE this Boy!!! I smiled and replied,"Yes Keegan we can get some Peanuts like they have in the song, besides that's the best part."

 I don't think I have ever seen a kid so excited about a bag of Roasted Peanuts, so Sweet!

 One important thing I am forgetting to tell you is that the Arkansas Razorbacks have the biggest Fans....even though this was an away game, it was a sea of Red Hog Callin Razorback Fans!

Again with the Smile...I can only imagine how much his face hurt after having this smile plastered on for the whole night.

I don't think John could have been any prouder than at this moment....sharing the rules of the game, pointing out the Arkansas players. I was just happy to witness such a special moment between Father and Son.

Hey Batter, Batter, SWING.....

There's the PITCH!

The Team.

On top of having an awesome time watching the game, it was Mustache March in which they collected proceeds for the Children's Hospital in exchange for some stick on Mustaches. This sent Keegan into a fit of Giggles, he thought the Mustaches were the funniest things he has ever seen.

We couldn't help but hum the Mario Brother's Theme Song... Hey Luigi!!!!

As sad as it makes me see them grow up, I can't help but love the fact that they are getting old enough to also enjoy and get excited about our little adventures. While Keegan has graduated to going to his first Baseball game, the other two will have to wait, in the mean time they got to spend some good quality time with Nana and Big Daddy. This also gave us the chance to soak up some much need time with our oldest boy and man did he love the attention!!!! So I am going to Savor this memory, the Peanuts, the Field, the feeling you get when you stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner, the Mustaches along with the Mario Brother's Theme Song, but most of all I am going to remember this Smile, the one that reminds us that we hit a home run that night when it came to making a memory unforgettable.

So I am curious what is one of your favorite memories?

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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