Friday, March 25, 2011

Hanging with my Peeps

There Back!!!! The invasion of the Peeps, they line every store beckoning the nearest shopper to pick them up and take the home. It is one true sign that Spring is just around the corner and these little chicks couldn't chirp better news for those waiting out a long bitter cold Winter. 

I have to say that the packaging is very appealing, even though I am not a huge Peeps fan, I can't help but want to bring the cute little chicks home.

If you are a lover of the Peeps, do not stress and try to buy up a year's supply because they are available year round....hence the "always in season" slogan.

They remind me of little soldiers, all lined up ease little Peep soldiers.....

"George, I have a baaaaad feeling about this place."
"I know what you mean Larry, they look at us like we are something to eat"

Poor little Peeps, they have no idea...."don't worry little Peeps, I won't eat you, your not my forte. "However, I can't speak for the other guys".....sorry!

These on the other hand are my absolute FAVORITE....I am always eager after Valentines Day for the stores to start breaking out these babies.

I love the Pastel colors, they are not only tasty but so pretty.

Awe look a little Peep keeping her eggs warm....

 "You can try to protect the eggs all you want Peeps, but nothing will stop me from getting my hands on them".....little do they know I have a secret weapon:)

This was Lennon's first time eating Peeps and sorry to say, but these Peeps don't stand a chance in this house. He thought they were so funny and couldn't help but giggle at them.

That's until he got his first taste......

Then he couldn't get them in fast enough.

Before he finished one, he was already reaching for another. It was a Peeps freeferal.....sorry Baby but you have reached your Peep devouring quota for the day.

Finishing it off.....between bites he would catch a breath and express his love for Peeps with a MMMMMMM.

This is one Happy Peep filled Boy....look at that sticky yellow smile:)

I found a few trying to escape....

Happy Friday Everyone:)


  1. Tanya Farratell-ReeMarch 25, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    AHHHHHH!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cadbury mini eggs are the highlight of my year and I look forward to eat every year too!!! Cute pics!

  2. ADORABLE! I love this post. I also am a lover of the cadbury robin egg which, by the way ONE cannot find in the stores around here anymore. ALL sold out apparently. I knew I shoulda bought more! Happy Friday

  3. Thanks Ladies!!!! I am glad to have Cadbury mini egg supporters:) Sheila sorry for teasing you.....don't worry we will find away for you to get your fill of the mini eggs you so desire:)

  4. Too cute! And I love love Cadbury robin eggs too... They have red, green and white ones for Christmas! (not eggs of course) I found them at Walgreen's this past Christmas... I stocked up on a few bags... and still have 2 bags left.. Speaking of.... I'll be back.. I gotta check my sock drawer.. :O)