Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing Eleanor Rigby Nesbit aka "Elle".....

You may call me crazy or think I 've completely lost my marbles...which I may have but we decided to get a dog.  I know what your going to say..puppies are a lot of work, they pee everywhere, they bark, they chew up your favorite underwear, but my hands were tied. John was out working and seen someone giving away puppies, he just had to stop and take a look at what they had. Well I guess this lady caught his eye because he called me and asked me if we could get her. Then he painted a beautiful picture of how happy the boys would be and the joy on their little faces when they learned that they got a dog....Why does my husband have to be so handsome, I am pretty much putty in his hands.

I of course said "Yes" because I had just recently watched Marley and Me, I blame my moment of weakness on that stupid tear jerking movie. I mean every boy needs to have a dog right? At least that is what I've been telling myself. But I couldn't help but think it was the right decision after seeing my boy's faces....they LOVE her!!!

Look at that FACE....she is soooo sweet and chubby. Everyone knows that I am partial to little chubby buggers:) She is very mild mannered and so far we have not had any accidents in the house:) It may be to good to be true but for now I am basking in the thought that I have found the perfect dog.

Digging for Treasure...Keegan is absolutely smitten with this dog! Oh you may be wondering what type of dog she is....well she is a Mutt and that's why she was free, but don't they say the best things in life come free! Please little puppy don't make me eat my words.

 He was showing her the proper Pirate way to dig for Treasure....maybe I should get her a patch so she can join in on the fun.

So her she is Miss Elle...another addition to the Nesbit Madness. Please cute little puppy don't let me down, keep peeing outside!

Stay tuned because tomorrow is St. Patricks day and I have a dessert that includes a little Baileys....Zoo Wee Momma!!!!


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  2. Well I was trying to remove my comment because I hate that pic and changed it.
    I was saying that your puppy is adorable!!!!
    Looking forward to your blogs on the puppy. =)

  3. She is adorable!! They are a lot of work, but l like kids, they are worth every bit of energy. They show you unconditional love, and better yet, they can't talk back. Just so you know, there is nothing free about a dog, lol. Vet bills are crazy and if she is anything like my two labs, she will grow to eat her weight in food each day!! Good luck, she is a cutie.

  4. She looks like a lab puppy:) sooo cute!

  5. She is adorable, LOVE the name, Tay will die :D