Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Other Woman....

As I put my three rambunctious buddies to bed and say a little prayer over each of them, I can't help but think of "Her" and say a prayer for where ever she may be. I pray for "Her" daily, that she has a good home with parents who love and adore "Her" like I do with my boys. I pray that she has a Mother who is teaching her to be confident and love herself inside and out. That she has a Father who showers "Her" with  kindness and treats "Her" like a princess, that all little girls are. I pray for "Her" heart and that the Lord sets it on fire for him and that she knows his love. I pray for "Her" purity and self worth, that she believes in her self when the world doesn't. I pray for "Her" character and values, that she learns to be courageous and to stand  out when "Her" friends say conform. As you can see I pray for "Her" like I do my own sons.

I have come to a realization that one day and Lord help me, that one day I will be replaced. These are hard words for a proud Momma to swallow, but I know one day in the future I will not be what my boys need. There will come a time when they start searching for that special someone, someone to share their lives and dreams with and I will have to let go. So I pray even now when my boys want nothing to do with girls (because they have cooties and are weird), I pray for "Her".

Whoever she may be, I want "Her" to know that I am doing my best and with the Lords help to raise these boys to be Men who Love, Respect, and Honor their Future Wives. To be kind, compassionate, and hard workers. So whoever my boys choose, I want "Her" to know what an honor it will be when He gives "Her" his heart. But as for now I am keeping it safe, holding onto it until he is ready to give it away.


  1. That is so touching and true!! I should do this too. THanks for your awesome post