Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt......Easter Weekend Part 1

So did you survive? We here have declared this day Lazy after Easter Weekend Monday, I know it's real zinger. To make this Lazy Monday even better a storm has decided to blow through and I couldn't be happier than Peach.
It's hard to believe I took this picture at 11:00 this morning...nothing but dark and cloudy skies. But every now and then I am thankful for days like these, it pushes me back inside, makes me slow down and lets me pay some much neglected attention to the things I need to get done around this house (laundry, toilets, floors, changing sheets....this list could go on forever).  Also it gives me a chance to edit some photos from this past week and weekend and share them with you:)

Friday was a busy day...we did a lot of running around but we managed to squeeze some quality pool time out of the day. This pool is compliments of Gram Austin....Thanks for sending the Boys some Easter money:)

 Baby Lennon enjoying the boats....sorry Baby for cutting half your head off in the picture:(

What a Goof.... but I love him just the same:)

Another example of a Goof....Miles you are one of a kind!

This is Lennon's favorite thing to do...he climbs aboard and I push him around, I think he has the better half of the deal.

I love his swim makes him look like a little surfer.

Saturday we began the Easter Festivities with a local Egg Hunt...the boys are patiently waiting to go outside.

Miles is ready.

Ready Set Hunt....

The two older Boys came back Victorious. I love watching the determination on their little faces when things become competitive.

Even Baby Lennon got his little chubby hands on an Egg or Two.

Having Fun in the Sun.

Next up were some games...Miles played the Bucket game.

Keegan dominated the Pin the Tail on the Bunny game...he even received a ribbon.

Overall it was a great time just being with the Family, no plans just living in the moment, blowing bubbles in the wind.

 Taking one breath in at a time, through a whistle of course.

 Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Easter Shenanigans......

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