Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An not so Ordinary Easter Part 2

So I am back to tell you about the second half of our Easter Weekend Festivities.....bare with me because all these storms have brought on some major allergy issues, so I am not on top of my game (well the truth is I don't think I am ever on top of my game, I am just lagging behind more than usual today). So we left off with the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday...and afterwards we retreated home to dye eggs.

We decided to try something experiment if you will...we dyed both brown eggs and white eggs to see the different outcome.

We also used make our eggs stand out even give them that eggtra star quality:) I know terrible pun but it was there so I had to use it.

 Here is a look at some of our finished eggs...can you tell what dyed ones are brown and what ones are white? The glitter ones don't count because we didn't dye them at all.

Here it is the one of the left is the brown egg and the one on the right is the white egg....both dyed in the same color green....for the same amount of time;) I love experiments and I have to say I prefer the brown dyed egg over the white dyed egg, it is more primary in color.

Miles showed off his impressive skills in egg dying, except for the fact that he handled them like they were indestructible and we ended up with a bunch of cracked eggs. It's all fun and games until someone starts cracking eggs, just kidding we let him slide since he is still new to the concept.

 Finally we reached Easter Sunday and it was wonderful. The weather was warm and the sun was shining, so we took advantage and did a few more experiments.....if you haven't caught on this is a normal thing around here:) So this little experiment was brought to you by the Easter Bunny and so when we got out of church the boys couldn't wait to get home and try it (when I say boys I mean all of them, John is just another kid when it comes to experiments).

 5....4....3....2....1..... Blast off....Mentos and a 2 liter of Coke can do amazing things:)

This was our second attempt ...Keegan is all business here:)

Keegan pulled the cord this time and I wish i would have gotten a picture...because a geyser of Coke shot up 20 feet in the air.

Lennon just enjoying the day....with his wild and crazy family:)

Miles was bird watching...he thinks it's funny when they dive from tree to tree. The greatest thing is it is FREE entertainment...I love things that don't cost me a thing:)

So after we had a Fancy Easter dinner of ....wait for it......Chili Cheese Hot Dogs!!!! Okay I know what your thinking "Chili Cheese Hot Dogs for Easter Dinner....REally?", but I just wanted to enjoy some time with my family and the thought of being stuck inside listening to all their giggles come from outside...I couldn't do it. So after we feasted, we decided to take a walk.

These are my favorite moments...the last piece of the day coming to an end...the light from the sun reflecting on my boy's faces while it slowly slips behind trees.

I love watching my boys from they recap the day and experiments with their dad....I love hanging back and soaking in moments like these.  As if it were vital to soak up every last bit of the day, I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, as we walked the streets I couldn't help but be reminded of God's Beauty. For this is the real reason we Celebrate Easter anyways...right? To remind ourselves that God offered his own son to save us...God's Love is a powerful and poetic thing.

 I love this wall by the the paint is chipping off and reveals another color and layer.

My little town of Tunica is filled with lovely gems like this one....old buildings that carry a story.

Miles, my little lion cub....come out it's time to head home the day is ending.....

So even though we didn't do Easter Sunday by the was nothing less than Magical. Like so many memories, I will fold this one up, but it in my pocket and pull it out on a rainy day. Look at how the sun dances on that family.....wait that's right my FAMILY...

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