Monday, May 16, 2011

Pep Talk

Monday is almost over.....Hooray! I don't know what it is about Mondays that make them so undesirable. Maybe it's because it is known as the day of Transition....from the Weekend to the Weekday. All I know is that I become a two year old stomping my foot and throwing a fit in the face of this day. It is days like these that take me back to the Track....where I wore high cut green silky shorts and a tank with Wayland Wildcats across the front. Sometimes on hot days when the smell of asphalt is in the air, I get butterflies in my stomach, like I use to just before a race. The thing I miss the most besides that feeling of adrenaline that pushes through your veins right before the gun goes off, is the Pep Talks. It is the best feeling in the world to have your coach send you off right before your race with words of encouragement. I can still hear Ms. Brewer's voice telling me to start off quick, ease into a steady pace and then kick it on the last curve right before the straight away, giving it everything I got until I cross the Finish Line. I use to run the 800 in track, a tricky race if you ask me because if you give to much in the beginning then you will have nothing left for the end.

Even though my Track glory days are well behind me, I can't help compare an 800 race to my day to day life. The same analogy can be used....if you start off the day with blazing saddles you won't have anything left for the end of the day. I don't know about you, but dinner time is probably the most hectic time in my becomes a balancing act, that last sprint to the Finish.

However, there is one major component that is missing, can you guess what it is? That's right I do not have Ms. Brewer standing next to me giving me a Pep Talk while I am making dinner, cleaning up after kids, entertaining kids, stirring the pot with one hand, while loading the dishwasher with the other, and using my legs to block Lennon from trying to climb into the dishwasher or grabbing everything that I had just put in it. Although it would be Awesome to have Ms. Brewer in my kitchen, I am pretty sure she has better things to do.

So what is a poor helpless Mother like myself suppose to do (with a dramatic sweep of the hand across the forehead). Well here is what I've learned, while I may not have Ms. Brewer to encourage me, I have myself. That's right MYSELF, so here is what I like to do. When I get up in the Morning, even before I have my first cup of coffee, I look at myself in the mirror and give the person starring back with wild hair and dark circles a Pep Talk. Okay you might be thinking that the Southern heat has finally gotten to me, but trust me it works. I tell the tired Momma in the mirror, that today is a new day, it doesn't matter how much I messed up yesterday, I am blessed to have three beautiful monkeys that like to hang all over me, that before I know it, they will be all grown up, moved out and I will be pining for days like these. Then I laugh at how ridiculous I am for talking to myself in the mirror, hike up my yoga pants and pull my hair a little bit tighter.

Just like in the 800....I start of my day quick, ease into a steady pace, and then kick it with everything I've got until I reach the Finish Line:)

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  1. Oh Heather it is so true.....I like to think that being a Mom of three kids 5 and under like we are gives us character. At least that is what I tell myself :)

    ps: I totally hear you on the dishwasher problem, I always do breakfast and lunch dishes when Cas is sleeping other wise I just chase him around the room while he is waving a spatchula.