Sunday, January 08, 2012

I feel like Crap but your so darn Cute

It's Sunday...a day for rest, right? Well lets hope so, because this hot mess has to work third shift tonight and I am fighting off this darn cold. I hate colds! They are so sneaky, just when you think you are on the upswing before going to bed, they pour gallons of snot in your head and you wake up feeling like someone is sitting on your face (not that I know what that feels like or anything, just want to clarify).

So it's really hard  when you feel all crappy and just want to sit with tissues up your nose, to entertain three little boys. I thought for sure I had it made when I put Beyblades on Netflix...if you don't know what Beyblades are then you are sitting better than I am, they are a pain. All this grand gesture did was cause a fight on who got what Beyblade....ugh....

But then in moments like these, through the chaos, things slow down just enough to catch this

And this....

 And this, there we go a smile from my sweet cheeks:)
Then it's interrupted by reality as I look over at this..
That's right the same pile of dishes that was there last night....Oh well, epic Fail on my part:(

Oh by the way a special thanks to Mema for coming over and picking the boys up so that this tired hot mess of a momma can have a sick day on the couch....I owe ya one!

So if anyone needs me I will be planted on the couch with tissues up my nose.

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