Sunday, January 15, 2012

A new "DO"...

This Friday I got the awesome luxury of going to the Salon to get my hair done, and yes to a momma of three boys this is a slice of heaven. I am not sure what it is, the smell of hair dying chemicals, the hairstylist dressed in black, or the fact that for almost three whole hours I didn't have to hear "MOM". Whatever it was I was on cloud nine. So for those of you that care here is my new "DO", for those of you who could careless here is my new "DO"........

Yes...I banged it up, and so happy I did.

A special thanks to my sweet cousin Olivia for working hard on my hair, and bringing me coffee and washing my hair.....oh and letting me be your model so that I didn't have to pay a penny ( btw I owe you lunch:)



  1. Love the NEW "DO"! :) My have to show your pic next time I get my haircut...I want the "heather do"!!! :)

  2. that was an says that JON wrote that above about loving the new "do"...LOL!!!! It was ME....Rachel Isbell...I guess Jon's info was logged on...I found it kinda of comical though! LOL!!!! SOOOOO, don't think anything was ME...Rachel!!!! LOL